“Hey Heroes, my name is Vader.

I am the official ambassador for Endangered Species Heroes. 

Black cats are seen as unlucky so my job is to change the luck of

While I miss them too, I have made many friends who have also crossed “the bridge”, who are saddened that their kind are on the path to extinction. 

Just as I depend on my family for survival, many of my friends are not as fortunate and their cries for help are going unheard while they are secretly vanishing from the Earth at a rapid rate.

As the official ambassador, I will introduce you to many of my friends while sharing resources and information about their plight for survival and how you can help. It’s not all sad; I will also share positive stories on heroes who have stepped in and brought back some of my friends who were on the brink of extinction. Proving that together we can make a difference.

My friends are looking for heroes today.  Together we can help keep my endangered friends from becoming a Figment of our imagination tomorrow and future generations to come.

Figment – the official Mascot for Endangered Species Heroes.


Select here to view a few of my favorite items from my store that I know you will love. A portion of all proceeds go to support one of my friends charities. Thank you in advance for your support.